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CFA Champion

Ambrosian Doll Linton of Lapdolls

  • Color: Seal Bicolor/ Seal Point-white
  • DOB: April 5, 2019
  • Sir: OMalley Diamond Dolls Thaddeus
  • Dam: Ambrosian Doll Gabby

Linton is incredibly sweet, and hugging him feels like you're hugging a teddy bear. Always close to the human, purring and ready to cuddling. Linton is the essence of ragdoll character, from the first moment given us infinite love and trust.




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buffalo bill

Buffalo Bill

CFA Champion

Cajundolls Buffalo Bill of Lapdolls

  • Color: Seal Bicolor/ Seal Point-white
  • DOB: May 29, 2017
  • Sir: Calirags Sitting Bull of Cajundolls TICA RW QGC and CFA Grand Champion
  • Dam: Cajundolls Painted Dream CFA RW QGC and TICA RW QGC

Buffalo Bill is fantastic boy! Buff is absolutely phenomenal. Has a long massive body, super plush coat, very nice bone structure and lovely eye color ....that he passes on to his kittens. Buffalo Bill has a wonderful easy going disposition and produces absolutely gorgeous kittens.
We so proud of Buffalo Bill, and are thrilled to have such a lovely boy from reputable breeder!




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