NEW KITTENS have arrived. If you are looking for a great Ragdoll, we have what you are looking for! These kittens won't disappoint....so engaging and social. Let us help you find your best friend!


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Name: Tinker Bell

DOB: February 27, 2020

Color: Seal Bicolor Female

Status: Reserved for Laura S

DSC 09091  DSC 09021  


Name: Oreo

DOB: February 27, 2020

Color: Seal mitted with blaze

Status: Reserved for Jackie F

DSC 10341  DSC 10081  


Name: Oscar

DOB: February 27, 2020

Color: Seal mitted/bicolor

Status: Reserved

  DSC 09901  DSC 10011  DSC 09931


Name: Rosetta

DOB: February 27, 2020

Color: Blue Bicolor Female

Status: Reserved for Jianwen

DSC 09221  DSC 09231  


Name: Oliver

DOB: February 27, 2020

Color: Blue bicolor

Status: Reserved for Jilie T

DSC 10431


past litters 01

The status of kitten:

  • available - kitten looking for his new home.
  • pre-booking - someone is interested in the kitten, but has not paid the advance (still available)
  • reserved - someone wants a kitten and made a down payment.
  • in the new home - kitten is in a new home
  • stays with us - kitten stays with us.
  • observation - observation for breeding/show quality