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  • The newborn kittens are blind and deaf, but have sense of touch, sense of smell, can crawl, by feeling temperature differences can find mother.
  • After birth, kittens should get warm ASAP, because they can't regulate body temperature yet and while they are wet their temperature dropping very fast. If mother let you - use a heating pad or bottles with warm water covered with a towel for kittens.
  • After last kitten's delivery, clean up all and return babies for mother.
  • Is very important that the kittens receive the queen's milk, because first days mother's milk is not usual milk, but colostrum containing antibodies for kittens protection against infections for next 3 months. Kittens are able to a to absorb these antibodies only first 1-2 days.
  • Now is easy to determine sex of kitties. Under tail you see 2 openings, if they are close (like "i"), the kitten is a girl, if they are far (like ":"), the kitten is a boy.
  • Everyday record and control kittens weight for first 2-4 weeks.
  • The first 2 days are the most critical for kittens survival.
  • Mother with kittens should be checked every 2 hours, especially if queen is inexperienced. Be prepared to call veterinarian.
  • Carefully inspect kittens umbilical cord and body around for any signs of infection.
  • First days is possible for kittens to gain not much weight, but that's only for 1-3 days and later they should catch up fast.
  • Newborn kittens should be sleep or suck. Pay close attention if crying or don't sucking.
  • At these days umbilical cord generally drops off.
  • The external ear auditory canal begin to open and shortly kittens will begin orienting to a sound.
  • After 1 week kittens should have doubled their weight. Daily weight gain should be about 10 grams.
  • If the mother don't feeding enough kittens, then you should help her. That can be 2-3 feedings daily. If mother don't have milk or kittens can't suck for first week handfeed each 2 hours. Use a quality artificial queen's milk (e.g. "Royal Canin Babymilk"), avoid cheap products.
  • Give milk for mother also and don't overfeed babies.
  • Kittens open slightly the eyes and may appear slit. Newborn's eye color is blue and will start change in next 2 months.
  • Kittens eyes should be clean even looking foggy.
  • Bright lights can damage kittens eyes
  • Ear canals now should be fully opened. Soon will possible acoustic orientation.
  • Kittens can stand up now.
  • Now begins important period of socialization between kittens and with cats / humans.
  • The kittens will be able for urination and defecation without external stimulation.
  • If kittens didn't instinctively purr shortly after birth, they should be able now purr intentionally.
  • First teeth are visible.
  • Because eyes are open, kittens can orientate visually, are aware of their surroundings and trying to explore.
  • Kittens are trying to following others.
  • Time to introduce a small litter box, but use natural litter filling, e.g. Cat's Best or any other wood litter.
  • First baby teeth should be visible already.
  • Time to introduce for kittens soft, wet food, kibble softened with water or ground meat.
  • Kittens eyes changes to the specific color for breed and color pattern.
  • Movements are fully adult-like.
  • Kittens can be nearly fully weaned, but may continue to suckle mother for long.
  • Kittens are very active, their social play is entertaining now and need lots of space.
  • Adult teeth will start to appear.
  • Reactions and sleeping patterns are like adult cat.
  • If kittens are healthy - time to deworm now using special kittens preparation.
  • Kittens can regulate temperature of the body with their internal controls.
  • If kittens are dewormed and healthy - time to visit veterinarian for first vaccination against Rhinotracheitis virus (FVR), Calicivirus (FCV) and Panleukopenia (FPV).
  • Most inborn behavior traits are finalized (except sexual).
  • If your kitten is healthy - time to deworm before vaccination.
  • Kittens begins scent marking by clawing.
  • Second vaccination against Feline Respiratory Disease - Rhinotracheitis virus (FVR), calicivirus (FCV), Panleukopenia (Feline Infectious Enteritis)  can be given now.
  • The kittens are 12 weeks old now and from now and after 2 vaccines, with health records they can leave the nest and go to a new home.
  • Recommended kittens desexing.
  • If kittens are not desexed, then each day increases risk factor to get sexual behavior and scent marking by spraying, also begin of heat for girls. If kitten isn't for breeding - should be desexed ASAP.
  • 10 months. From now kittens can be treated as adult cats. Personality and individual characteristics are set.
  • Cat have all his permanent teeth.
  • Fast growing period is ended, but cat will not reach full size until 2-3 years old.
  • If has not been started already, then soon will begin sexual behavior.
  • Cats can participate in cats exhibitions in adult class.
  • 1 year old. Time to use adult food / adult nutrition.